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ICT Boot Camp - TZ

Tanzania is developing at a fast rate, ICT is playing a vital role in shaping the
country and a bright future. But there is a digital gap for people from marginalised
and disadvantaged communities tha t haven't yet caught up with ICT skills. This
program will teach ICT skills to Rover Scouts to build a dedicated team of
National ICT Volunteers who will go to underserved communities to teach ICT
skills to help close the digital divide.

National ICT Volunteers

Particiapants will learn the following;


Web Design


Digital Markeing


Idea Generation


Project Management


Product Dev'pt.


Community Dev'pt.


This program is to benefit Rover Scouts, underprivilage, marginalized communities, girls, schools and under served communities. 

  1. Outcome - Rover Scouts to use their newly gained skills in ICT to help launch projects in villages, rural areas, schools, under privileged communities and disadvantaged areas
  2. Rovers - The program is intended to bring together a band of smart minded young people with the eagerness, drive and enthusiasm to roll out ICT programs that uplift the standard of life to the marginalised communities.
  3. Districts -Our geographic coverage is the whole country. The programme is to teach Rover Scouts from every part of Tanzania as Scout organisations are spread all across the country. 
  4. Projects - Rover Scouts will launch ICT related projects that will help to bridge  the digital divide. 
  5. Partnership - Partnership with organisations, private, government bodies and education institutions. 

National Volunteer ICT Program

This is a six-day intense program that will teach Rover Scouts ICT and leadership skills in administering, managing and creating content driven projects that will bridge the digital divide and enlist people from marginalised communities to become computer programmers, web developers and many other functions of IT. 

Course Contents

These are a combination of Web Development, Community Development and Project Management. This will empower ICT Volunteers with the skills they need to start ICT projects in disadvantaged communities all across the country. 

Web Design

This will introduce web design skills in HTML, the bare bones of web coding. CSS, the web style elements and WordPress, a content management tool that will teach Rovers how to design websites and apply plugins, widgets, themes and many more components. 

Digital Marketing

This is one of the most important tools in marketing, PR and promotion to date. It covers the principles of marketing, brands, customer relationship, web analytics, marketing products and services using digital tools. 
A combination of this and social media helps to drive sales, increase awareness of products and services and build a solid brand.

Community Development

Participants will learn about the process, procedures and approaches of using ICT as a tool for social and economic development. The program will empower practitioners to learn ICT skills and use community development knowledge to access marginalised and
disadvantaged community areas that need IT training programs be rolled out to their communities. 

Product Development

This involves a series of stages from conceptual to final idea development. ‘Concept to launch’. This will teach participants the conceptual process of initiating services or products to the communities they will work with. We want to have Scouts who are innovative by developing new services or programs with the communities. 

Social Media

Online, search engine optimisation to build online social media followers. This includes the tools, tactics, strategy, management and engagement and will reach out to stakeholders.
We will teach Scouts how to understand user’s persona on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and will also cover Vlogging.

Internet Policy

Understanding the rules, regulations and guidance for using the internet. As ICT volunteers will be working with children, schools, organisations, communities etc., they need to be well versed with policy that governs the safe and responsible internet use. 

Tour Visit

Visit ICT facilities at University of Dar es salaam.

Certificate and Launch

Completion of this course will give our learners the tools and skills that are required to start online enterprises to market and promote local tourism. We will work with them, guide, mentor and partner with local service providers in their localities to provide
efficient and effective services to bring about development to their local area.
Participants will receive certificates at the end of the bootcamp. 


Venue: University of Dar es Salaam
Dar es Salaam

Activity: ICT Workshop
Participants: Rover Scouts
Content: Project Management, Digital Marketing, Community Development etc.

01/12/2018 - 08/12/2018

Registration Details


Participants: Rover Scouts from 50 regions.

Education: Must have completed Senior Six.

Computer Skills: Must be computer literate with knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and the Internet.

Contacts: Please contact your District Scout Commissioner or email us; or call Olais +255 757 599 666



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