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ICT Boot Camp - Uganda

Uganda is endowed with natural beautiful attractions, the hospitality and warmth from the people is next to none. In this Boot Camp, Rover Scouts to learn about tourism, how to market and promote local tourism. Then add on digital tools, project management and entrepreneurship that will help them with the skills to run successful tourism enterprises in their districts.

Sustainable Local Tourism

Particiapants will learn the following;


Social Media


Digital Marketing




Web Design


Project Managemen




This programme is intended to benefit Rover Scouts, local tourist providers,
hoteliers, transport operators, tourist agencies, local Municipal Councils,
local tourist boards, tourist suppliers and more important...local  communities. 

  • Outcome - Scouts to launch websites in districts all across the country to market and promote local tourism. We will teach the scouts the nuts and bolts of designing websites and how to promote and market tourism products. 
  • Rovers - The program is intended to bring together a band of smart minded young people with the eagerness, drive and enthusiasm to create tourism content that targets visitors from far and wide to local tourist attractions. 
  • Districts - Our geographic coverage is the whole country of Kenya. We want to market the rivers, lakes, animals, birds, sports, manmade attractions, cultures, traditions, beliefs, entertainment, food and much more, no matter how small or where its located. 
  • Web sites - Rover Scouts will start to design websites using CSS, HTML and WordPress content management tools.
  • Startup - Be in a position to start tourism related projects, get support and
  • guidance from to time in running successful enterprises.
  • Partnership - Partner with service providers in the tourism industry to promote their products and services to both local and foreign visitors. 

Promote Local Tourism

This is a 5-day ICT program that will immerse you into web development skills, then introduce you Social Media, a new tool that helps the likes of Facebook to be the biggest social networking website on the net. You will learn about Tourism in Uganda, what you should market - both products & services. We will support all that with Project Management training. This will give you insight into how to manage a tourism enterprise. The completion of this course will put you in a position to market and promote local tourism to local and foreign visitors. 

Course Contents

Digital Marketing and Promotion of Local Tourism

Web Design

This will introduce Rovers to web design skills in HTML, the bare bones of web coding, CSS, the web styling elements and WordPress, a content management tool that will teach Rovers how to design websites and apply plugins, widgets, themes and many more components. 

Digital Marketing

This is one of the most important tools in marketing, PR and promotion to date. It covers the principles of marketing, brands, customer relationship, web analytics, marketing products and services using digital tools.
A combination of this and social media helps to drive sales, increase awareness of products and services and build a solid brand. 


Tourism is one of the biggest foreign income earners in the country and it is projected to grow. Local tourism is starting to pick up steam with a number of initiatives to encourage Ugandans and foreigners living in Uganda to visit local tourism attractions.
Participants will learn about historical places, national parks, tourism services and product providers, cultural and heritage sites and other places of interest.

Project Management

Learners will get to know of the importance of managing a project, the timeline, activities
involved, budget, stakeholders, project plan, objectives, project life cycle and more. This will give participants the skills necessary to kickstart sustainable local tourist projects. 

Social Media

Online, search engine optimisation to build an online social media following. This include the tools, tactics, strategy, management, engagement and reach out to
We will learn how to understand user’s persona on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and cover all about Vlogging.  


This is will cover business startups, the process and procedures for starting an online business, how to raise funds, budget and more. 

Certificate and Launch

Completion of this course will give our learners the tools and skills that are required to start online enterprises to market and promote local tourism. We will work with them, guide, mentor and partner with local service providers in their localities to provide
efficient and effective services to bring about development to their local area.
Participants will receive certificates at the end of the bootcamp. 


Venue: BP Training Centre
Buwenda, JInja 

ICT Boot Camp

Date: 23rd - 29th June 2019
Course: Digital Marketing
Content: Marketing and Promotion of Local Tourism
Participants: Rover Scout 

Registration Details


Participants: Rover Scouts.

Education: Must have completed A Level - Senior Six.

Computer skills: Must be computer literate with knowledge of Micorost Word, Excel and the Internet. 

Contatcs: Please contact your District Scout Commissioner or email us: or call the Admin +256 701121549.

Cheetah - Kidepo National Park.


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Nanyumba Road, 
Jinja, Uganda.
East Africa


Phone: +256 701121549

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