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Rover Scouts: Agents of Digital Transformation


Promote Tourism 

Promote Local Tourism

Promoting sustainable local tourism is central to our programme. We work with different entities, using digital tools to promote and market local tourism. We teach Rover Scouts from different regions/districts in the use of digital tools to reach out to tourists and promote local tourist attractions. 

Digital Tools

With the application of digital tools, you reach a big population base, you are able to personalise tourist packages, it is cheap, faster, use of different multimedia components, open 24/7 and 365, it is borderless, use of apps, website, video, graphic etc.

Youth Job Creation

Disadvantaged Communities

We teach youth from disadvantaged communities in ICT and entrepreneurship skills.
The skills gained help the youth to start their own enterprises. 


We teach web design to Scouts (secondary school students), they learn how to design websites, the skills they learn help them to design websites for their schools, friends, family or design for small businesses. 


ICT for Girls

Rover Scouts to visit villages in remote areas to teach girls e-Commerce skills.

Bridge Gender ICT divide

We teach girls eCommerce, the art of selling products and services online, this is a combination of web design and entrepreneurship skills. 

Girl Empowerment

We are working to increase the number of girls to enter in the computing world, there is
a digital gender divide that needs to be narrowed. We want more girls to be enlisted on STEM subjects. Our programs will see more girls get into computer coding and web

IT Award


Recognise Sharp Minds

Mweva recognise the importance of IT in Scouting as a catalyst for social and economic development. In that regard we honour the best minds, creativity, and initiatives and will award scouts with trophies and goodies for participating in the IT Scouting competition 


Inspire More

Our young people are creative, innovative and ground breakers, we inspire them to go after their goals and dreams.
They have dreams, vision and aspirations. We work with them, guide, mentor and help
them to explore the available tools ICT has to offer to achieve their dreams. 



Youth given access to IT devices are curious, exploring, and creative. We provide them with access to computers, trainers and mentors.

We encourage them to explore and it’s amazing to see the results: business startups, apps, websites and many more new ideas and innovations. 


Inspire Children

Computer coding is the language of the future, we teach children computer games development using Scratch. This helps children learn how to code computer programs at an early age and inspires children to take computer related courses in higher education. 


Children Coding

We teach Primary school scouts computer coding, it is one of the most popular activities at the camp the children attend. What is so striking is that a large number of children come with no prior experience and in a short period of time, they start to design their own computer games 

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East Africa. 


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