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IT for Sustainable Development

Scouts are known for their volunteering spirit, shaping future citizens and helping those in need. Scouts are now using digital skills to bring about development to the marginalised communities, empower the underserved with ICT skills to create jobs and seek endless opportunities. 

Information Technology (IT) has played a key role in shaping the way we live, communicate and it is a vital tool for community development.
Blending IT and Scouting brings in a new wave of software developers, web designers, vloggers, tourism promoters, community ICT trainers, job creators, promotes ICT in schools and empowers girls to take STEM subjects

Scouts are helping to bridge the digital divide, they use IT to inspire children to get into computing, reduce poverty and inequalities in society. 


Be part of the next Rover Scouts digital change makers.

Africa: Promote Local Tourism

Rover Scouts in Africa to use digital tools to promote sustainable tourism as tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors and a force for social and economic development.

We teach facilitate and manage projects that
promote and market local tourism using digital applications.


Digital Marketing

This allows connection with tourism providers and tourists 24 hrs. around the clock.


Fastest growing sector

Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors and it is projected to grow at an
exponential rate.


So much to see in Africa

Over 50 countries, plenty of animals, plants, rivers, lakes, seas, adventure, sports.
sight-seeing, attractions etc. 


Experience and skilled

Over 5,000 Rover Scouts to play a leading role in the promotion and marketing of
tourism using digital tools. 

Rover Scouts: Promote Local Tourism

Be part of the next generation that redefine tourism in Africa. We will teach, guide and
mentor Rover Scouts about travel, booking, ticketing, accommodation, attractions, industry suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, distribution and many more.
You will learn about web development - the markup language, the styles and structures, then add-on content management system, a non-coding web environment.

But that is not all.... We want you to be part of the tourism startups, so we will teach you
about Entrepreneurship - the process, means and application of running a successful business.  
We don't want you to just run a business, we want to you to run and manage online enterprises, you will learn the art of e-commerce and top that with digital marketing, the new tool used to promote and market products and services

These skills will help Rover Scouts create jobs within their locality, boost local tourism
and create jobs for the youth population.

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Our Programs

Digital Change Makers


ICT for Community Development

This program is for Rovers to use IT to promote local tourism and to teach ICT skills to
disadvantaged and marginalized communities. 


Web Design

Scouts in secondary schools learn the art of web development using tools like HTML, CSS, WordPress etc. 


Computer Coding

Scouts at a young age learn computer coding skills, we teach junior scouts computer
games development using Scratch, a games development program. 


Communication Technology

This is aimed at scout leaders to learn the new tech tools to communicate with scouts
and community leaders to bring about development in their localities. 


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