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Kenya prides itself in having amazing safaris in the country. There is a large  increase in tourists visiting the country and the Scouts want to play their role in amplifying the promoting and marketing of tourism to see even more tourists flock to local attractions. 

Kenya is one of the leading ICT powerhouses on the African continent. Scouts  want to use ICT to reach marginalised and disadvantaged communities. We are  working on a program to teach ICT skills to young men and women from slums, rural areas, and remote and underserved communities. 



In Kenya, Rover Scouts will work on 2 key areas: To promote Tourism and to teach ICT skills to marginalised communities.

Promote Tourism

Work with different entities to promote and market local tourism to boost development in rural areas. This will create jobs for the youth and reduce unemployment rate 

Teach underserved

We want to bridge the digital divide and bring on board the marginalised and disadvantaged communities with ideas, creativity and innovation using ICT. 


We intend to build partnership with organisations, companies, sponsors, education institutions, youth organisations, civil and private bodies. 


We want to uplift the standard of youth from slums, rural, marginalised and
disadvantaged areas with tech skills. Technology has the potential to change for
the better the lives of those below the poverty line.

Youth ICT Training - Mombasa

We are working to register Mweva as an NGO in Mombasa, once this is completed we
will set up a computer training centre then roll out programs that will teach ICT and
entrepreneurial skills to marginalised and disadvantaged youths.

ICT Community Development - Kibera

Kibera is one of the biggest slums on the African continent. This place has youth who
are visionary, pioneers, trend starters and full of potential. We want to start ICT program that will tap into their skills and creativity and guide them to reach their dreams &

ICT Leadership skills - College & University

Inter University and college Rover Moot is a Rover Scout organisation that is doing an
amazing work to rejuvenating Rover Scouts in Kenya with a number of youth programs
and initiatives. We collaborate with IUC to teach Rover Scouts in ICT skills. 



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