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Who We Are

Empower Youth with Digital Skills


We are a Non-Government Organisation working to reduce poverty among the
marginalised, disadvantaged and underserved communities by providing them
with digital and entrepreneurship skills.


To play a vital role in training ICT and Entrepreneurial skills to marginalised youth and
help to create endless opportunities for them 


To empower youth with digital skills.


In order to effectively carry out our objectives, we undertake the following activities: 


Africa as whole is full of wonderful scenery with flora, fauna, river, lakes, mountains,
game parks and many more tourist adventures. We work with youth to teach them
digital skills to market local tourism, showcase and create awareness of local tourism.
This is designed to boost local tourism 


We want youth to become job creators, we teach them skills that guide on how to start
online businesses. There are countless opportunities out there, but youth need to be
guided, mentored and be provided with the right skills. This can empower them to
kickstart enterprises. 


Web Design

We teach Junior scouts and cub scouts web design and games development skills. We
try to create a vision for secondary school scouts that IT is important and something to
consider as a future career.
The cub scouts learn computer coding at an early age and this inspire them to become
future computer programmers. 

Boot camp

This is aimed at bringing together sharp minds in one place and train them in the
following - ICT, Entrepreneurship and Tourism.
After completion of the course they go back to their localities to start projects that help
to promote and market local tourism. 

Rover Scouts design websites in Dar es Salaam - Tanzania



Nanyymba Road,                    
Jinja, Uganda.
East Africa.                   


Email: admin@it-scouting.com                     
Phone: +256 701121549                   

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