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Uganda Scouts Association

Empowering marginalized communities


Uganda Scouts Association
Our vision is to see scouts adopt the use of ICT to promote and market local tourism. We have embarked on a project to teach Rover Scouts in using digital marketing tools and rich media contents to promote sustainable local tourism in Uganda.

Jinja Scouts

Jinja Scouts Council - Uganda
 Jinja is a tourist heaven, there are so much to see and do, we work with scouts and tourist service providers to increase the number of tourists visiting the city. We teach scouts in web design, games development and entrepreneurship skills.


Rover Scouts


Dar es Salaam Rover Scouts - Tanzania 
Scouts given necessary ICT skills, they can help transform underserved communities, we teach Dar es Salaam Rover scouts with IT skills that help them to empower disadvantaged and marginalized communities in Dar es Salaam.

Tanzania Scouts

Mikoko Scouts Gallery - Tanzania
Mweva teaming up with Mikoko Scouts Gallery is helping to teach Scouts in Web Design and Entrepreneurship skills. We hosted the 1st Bootcamp and will host the 2nd ICT Bootcamp in December. This will bring Scouts from a wide section of scouts from across Tanzania to learn ICT skills that will empower them to go back to their communities to start ICT projects.


IUC Rover Moot - Kenya

Inter Universiy and Rover Moot 
We want to bridge the digital divide and bring on board the marginalized and disadvantaged communities with ideas, creativity and innovation using ICT.
Rover Scouts will go to marginalized communities to teach underserved communities with ICT and Entrepreneurship skills to help them come out of the bondage of poverty.


Mombasa Youth


Mombasa - Kenya
Mombasa history stretch back with beauty, fascination and natural attractions. It is a tourist hotspot with untold amount of what to see and do. We are working on a program that will teach youth with ICT, Tourism and Entrepreneurship skills. This will help the youth run projects that promote and market tourism in Mombasa and the surrounding areas.

E. A. Scouts


East Africa Scouts Region 
East Africa Scouts region comprised on Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and Ethiopia. We are in early development program that will roll out ICT training programs in Web Design, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, e-Commerce and programming to youths in the region.


Inter University & College Rover Moot - Kenya 
This event brings together Rover scouts from a number of educational institutions in Kenya and beyond the borders. A number of activities are carried out in both social and economic development. We hope in the next Rover Moot to teach ICT skills to Rover Scouts. We hope participants from this program will go on to teach ICT skills to marginalized communities in Kibera slum.



ICT to disadvantaged girls


Myhearafter - Ghana 
The Kayayei (porter girls) in Ghana go through a lot suffering including separation from families, working long hours, sleep rough on streets, get raped, underpaid and list keep on piling up. This program will teach Kayayei e-Commerce, a tool that will help girls learn ICT skills to provide services and sell online.

Global Media Foundation

ICT skills to unemployed youth

Global Media Foundation - Ghana 
This program main focus is to enrich youth in the northern region of ghana with Web Design skills. This will give the opportunity to seek for employment and reduce the unemployment rate among the youths.



ICT and Entrepreneurship

Ashwa Youth Camp - Uganda 
This project brings together youth from the easter province to teach girls to do reusable pads and entrepreneurship skills. We teach girls web design skills.



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