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Dar es Salaam Rover Scouts is a team of dedicated adult Scouts who work to develop programmes for like-minded Scouts to help advance scout activities in the district.

Mweva partnered with the Rovers to bring about programs that help to teach Rover Scouts E-Commerce and digital marketing skills with a main focus on the promotion of Tanzanian tourism.

The program is intended to build a robust program of highly ICT skilled scouts who will start up online tourism projects and as well work to teach and empower marginalised communities with ICT skills.

The programme started in earnest with scouts learning the art of web development skills. The programme is in the progression stage where participants will be exposed to project management, tourism and digital marketing skills.

Working alongside Mikoko Scouts Gallery, a computer laboratory centre has been established where Rover Scouts can have access to computers to practice and design projects. 

Empower Marginalized

ICT and Entrepreneurship

The partnership between Mikoko Scouts Gallery and Mweva was born from the training programs Mweva conducted with Dar es Salaam Rover Scouts

We are working on a number of initiatives to empower the disadvantaged and marginalised communities in Tanzania with ICT skills to change their lives for the better.

This programme is training Scouts from a big diverse base in computer skills. After completion of the course, Scouts will go back to their communities to start up projects that will help to uplift the standard of the underserved communities.  


ICT  Training

In May, we hosted the 1st ICT Boot Camp and are in top gear preparing for the 2nd ICT Boot Camp that will bring Rover Scouts from different regions to come to Dar es Salaam for a week of ICT learning experience.

An exciting project is in its final stages to register a tourist service centre that will
provide untold numbers of tourism related products and services to people from Tanzania for local tourism and foreigners who intend to visit Tanzanian tourist



  1. Dar Rover Scouts - Rover Scouts will learn the new tools to market and promote tourism, startup projects and use ICT skills for community development 
  2. Tourist Providers - Scouts will use applied digital marketing skills to connect tourists to service providers  and help to make tourist attractions visible online. 
  3. Underserved communities - ICT has the power to change and transform communities, Rover Scouts will teach and  empower underserved communities with ICT skills. 
  4. Partnership with Scouts - To effectively run programmes and activities, Rover Scouts will partner with a number of  organisations, companies, sponsors and many more. 



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Jinja, Uganda.
East Africa. 


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